Academic Resources

Regents Exams

Regents exam books change frequently.  We suggest  as a good online resource for the Regents exams.

Study Plan Guide at

CCLS Discord Hangout

Discord is a social media platform that allows you to chat, do voice calls, and play games within a group called a ‘server’. The library system has a closed server specifically for teens aged 13-18. This is a safe, librarian-moderated space where you can talk books, movies, music, anime, and more.

This is also an excellent place to stay in the loop on what teen events are going on. Our D&D group and our Teen Action Board also have spaces to coordinate.

Sign up here.

Our Teen Action Board helps us brainstorm and implement teen activities at Patterson Library. It’s a great opportunity to gain volunteer experience and learn how to work with other teens. Sign up today!

Sign up here.

Dungeons and Dragons

In this classic role-playing game, you create your character, choose how they interact with the story, and use dice to decide the outcomes of your actions. 

Dungeons and Dragons is open to all teens (ages 13 to 18). Both beginners and experienced players are welcome! Sign up at the Children’s Desk.