Thursday, September 29 at 5 pm

“In-Spire: Book one of the Terra- Healers”
The Pollution Level Event decimated the world leaving it a stark and polluted dystopia. Soon afterward, the first Terra-Healers began to manifest their pollution-fueled abilities. Many, at that time, believed them to be the last hope for a dying world.

Now, over a century later, in a tiny community protected by the Terra-Healers from the poisons that devastated the planet, life couldn’t be better for Wolvf and his friends. Clean, beautiful and bucolic, Oasis was a true eutopia. However, as we all know, things don’t always go as planned and soon everything for this small group of friends would be flipped upside down leading them, along with an unlikely ally, out into the unforgiving Wasted Lands to meet their destiny.

Their unexpected journey to the Terra-Perfect dome and the In-Spire, home of the High Empress, will take them down a path filled with suffering and self-discovery. Thankfully, their unshakeable friendships, sarcastic senses of humor and a few blossoming relationships will give them the strength they need to survive even the most difficult of tasks.

Join Wolvf, his sister Eren, and their friends as they travel the Wasted Lands in this first book of the Terra-Healer Series.