Mysterium Night is finally open to adults! To raise money for new teen seating in the Teen Area, our Teen Action Board will help run the highly successful on-your-feet loose adaptation of the board game Mysterium. Use art clues to find the suspect, weapon, and location involved in the “murder” of our very own Hannah Patterson. Mysterium Night has been the highlight of the teen summer reading program for the past two years.

Games will be run on October 27th at 6 and 7:30 pm with non-alcoholic refreshments provided. Tickets are $20. Each game has room for up to 12 people, so register fast!

If you are not interested in playing along with us, your donations would still be greatly appreciated.

Clicking the link above will direct you to Givebutter is a platform for non-profit donation management. The check-out process will default to add a “tip” to your ticket price. The “tip” is not required.